Poster submission


  1. The Posters should be in PORTRAIT (Vertical)
  2. Actual Poster Size — 85 x 115 cms
  3. Text Area – 70 x 75 cms, and Display Area — 70 x 75
  4. Sample Poster is enclosed with Dummy Text to facilitate
  5. The Poster layout could be modified as per researchers
  6. The text arrangement is in
  7. The top banner area is 70×16 cms for CSHM-9 logo, Title of research, Author(s), Faculty & Department information. Fonts are  mentioned alongside, as well as specified below:

Fonts size

  • Title (Arial Bold 60-72 )
  • Author(s) (Arial Bold 32-36)
  • Dept / Faculty (Arial Bold 28-32)
  • Abstract (Arial 28-32 Normal )
  • Introduction (Arial Bold 40-44)
  • Text size (Arial 20-24 Normal)
  1. For 2 column display, each column measures 34 cms., with 5 cms. gap.
  2. Images, tables or graphs can be used based on researchers
  3. Researchers MUST design their own posters, and submit the  Source file  for printing.

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Submission Restricted: Qualified Authors Only

We appreciate your interest in submitting a poster. However, poster submissions are currently restricted to individuals who have successfully passed the first round, submitted abstracts, and received acceptance notifications for their abstracts.

If you cannot see a form on this page, it means you are not authorized to submit a poster. If you believe you meet the specified criteria or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team.

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