Local Organizing Committee

Dr. Waleed Abdullah

Chair, Kuwait University, ASCE KIG president

Dr. Hasan Kamal

Co-chair, Kuwait Municipality Council

Eng. Ali Mehsni

Kuwait Society of Engineers

Eng. Fahad AlOtibi

Kuwait Society of Engineers

Dr. Muhammad Tariq Chaudhary

ASCE KIG vice president

Dr. Shaikha AlSanad

Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research

Dr. Waleed Eid

Kuwait University, ASCE KIG

Dr. Muhammad Alkhaldi

Kuwait University

Dr. Muhammad AlKhamees

Public Authority for Applied Training and Education

ENG. Abdullah Alazmi

Ministry of  Defense

Scientific committee

Coordinating Committee

Reception and inquiries committee

Public relations committee

Advertising committee

Website committee

Coordinating committee for shields and publications

Guest escort committee

Letter follow-up committee

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